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Art Market Magazine – The Official Re branding of Israeli Market Magazine

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For almost two years, Israeli Art Market Magazine has been making waves among the international art community, thanks to its insightful coverage of not only rich art scene of Israel, but the entire world. With each issue, various aspects of Israeli art and culture have been profiled, including both emerging and established artists, designers and photographers, yet coverage and contributions came from every corner of the globe, giving a truly international flavor to the magazine too.

With this in mind, Israeli Art Market Magazine has decided to embrace the evolution of the publication, now placing its focus on the entire international art community, therefore officially re branding the publication as Art Market Magazine.

Art Market has recently made its first official publication and is available on many digital platforms,  including Magzter, Google Play and the App Newsstand. Magzter is one of the leading digital newsstands in the world today, with a global reach of millions, which is precisely the readership and audience that Art Market is geared towards, making them an ideal partner for distribution.

The arts and cultures covered in Art Market are as varied as they are extensive. Contributions have a broad international flavor, with guest columns, interviews and profiles featured coming from a range of countries. From Argentina to Germany, the best and brightest artists of the past, present and future can be found in one location, offering a wide variety of coverage of all things art and culture.

Each county has its very own living and breathing cultures, of which the arts play a massive role. Art Market provides a behind the scenes look at the differing arts and cultures that can be found in the world today, bringing together art communities from many different countries for the first time.

Art Market has placed a strong focus towards auctions, art fairs and exhibitions that can be found throughout the world. Every continent will have a country that is featured, showcasing the dedication to provide a truly international art magazine. Whether it is from Asia, Europe, Africa, or the Americas, the best and brightest in world art can be expected across every page of Art Market.

The inaugural issue after the official re branding covers a broad spectrum of artistic content. A trip through Europe displays some of the most famous and renowned artists of our times homes and ponders the influences they may have had.

The strong Israeli influence that helped launch the publication is still at the heartbeat of the magazine too, as an interview with Israeli painter and sculptor Ram A. Evgi is also featured. The Israeli world of fashion and textiles are also featured in this month’s issue with a guest contributor offering her views.  Many more figures from within Israel’s bustling art community can be expected over the coming issues.

Art Market is incredibly excited about the endless s possibilities that are in store for the future of the publication. Having truly embraced its strong international following in both readers and contributors, Art Market is looking forward to providing some of the most honest, in-depth and inspiring coverage of all things art, including auctions, exhibitions, fashion, architecture, design and general lifestyle.


Founder & Editor

Dafna Navarro, CEO&Founder Of Israeli Art Market.
Founder & Editor Of  Lens Magazine & Art Market Magazine


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Magzter is one of the leading digital newsstands in the world today, with a global reach of millions, which is precisely the readership and audience that Israeli Lens & Art Market Magazines are geared towards, making them an ideal partner for distribution.


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