An Interview With Lisa Zbrsky

An Interview With Lisa Zbrsky

liza zabarskyMeet the artist Lisa Zbrsky 34, lives in Rishon Lezion. Engaged in painting and illustration.
What kind of techniques do you use?
I often use watercolor and Rapidograph. I sometimes also incorporate Acrylic and collage.

When did you start experimenting with art?
I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember.

Did you study art formally?
I began my studies at the age of 15 in a small group , where I mainly Register. Then, I learned Proclamation of Art, majoring in photography and illustration.

Do you make a living out of your art?
Creation is not only my profession , but real life . Sometimes I manage to make a living , I sometimes have to work in temporary jobs . I also teach painting classes for adults and kids.

Please share a feeling you have when you create Or what motivates you to make art ?
When I create I feel like I really exist . Real presence .

What are your sources of inspiration For example, some artists that
Influence you?
I draw a lot of inspiration from people , human situations , literature, poetry and philosophy .
In my youth, I was influenced by Egon Schiele very , its expressive .

Are there areas in which the driving focus ? Try to define your style .
Hard to define the style . Maybe there’s a surreal element in my work , but they do not Morelistim. If surrealism is ” over reality ” , so my paintings are imaginary .
Imagination imitates reality , emphasizes certain things to black humor .

Is presenting an exhibition ?
I participated in several group exhibitions , and presented several solo exhibitions . Here are just a few:
In 2011 Einav center in Tel Aviv, I presented an exhibition called ” horizon ” .
2012 Gallery Artura , presented an exhibition called ” yearning ” .
Two months ago , the gallery ” White ” Kibbutz Hazor south.
Also, will exhibit in The Tel Aviv Artists’ house this June.
What is art to you?
I believe good art is art with honesty. Beyond that , I can define what good art , that painting is mute. It flows through the eyes.

Spit it out your dream about your artistic development . Where would you like to say ten years?
I just do not know. We’ll see though.

Personal word ending or a favorite quote you.
One of the quotes that I really love is the words of the philosopher Heidegger on art , which he saw as the royal road to truth : “Art is not a representation of the thing depicted in it, but appearance really .”

Thanks Lisa for your participation , creation and continued success :-)

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