Art Market Continues Expansion

International Art Market Continues Expansion: New Website, New Content, New Developments, New Advertising Opportunities, New Contributors Wanted!

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New Content

As the official website to partner the already popular International Art Market Magazine, the website has a rich catalogue of content, covering all things art. Fine arts, contemporary arts, though-pieces, coverage of exhibitions, profiles and interviews with artists both established and emerging are just a few examples of all of the high quality content found on the websites. With over two years of articles and interviews gathered over the course of the International Art Market Magazines publication, there are hundreds of amazing articles waiting to be discovered. Artwork produced by some of the most influential artists from around the globe can be found here, not to mention the work of many aspiring and emerging talents. Amongst the content found here, Art Market is proud to announce 5 regular contributors to the website. Each one of these comes from their own field within the arts, providing extensive and varied coverage and opinions on the website. This is only the beginning; the content found here at Art Market will only continue to grow.

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