NewPortraitDaniel Sprick was born in Little Rock, Arkansas.
He studied at the Froman School of Art and The National Academy of Design and received his B.F.A. from University of Northern Colorado in 1978. His love of drawing and the development of his oil painting techniques began at the age of 4, with influences stemming as far back as Robert Campin and Roger van de Weyden. Sprick has had numerous solo exhibitions, participated in many group exhibitions, and has his work in private and public collections throughout the United States and abroad. He is currently represented by the Arcadia Gallery in NYC








” I’ve always done portraits and figures in the life-drawing classes that i’ve taught and attended through probably 30 years, so i actually have access to a model every week. And sometimes two models a week. So, i’ve always had my hand in it. And i have mountains of drawings in charcoal to show you and small paintings of models and so forth. But the thing that has made a huge difference for me is the versatility that photography has now that it never had before. And that is because of digital imagery being able to correct for the shortcomings of photography. You can make it look so much like the original image in life. So, i think photography is a much more useful tool now than it ever was. Even though it was used extensively in the 19th century, by the artists —jules dupre, breton, bouveret. It’s more useful now than it ever was. It’s so funny to me how so many artists publicly disdain the use of photos, but privately use them.”


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