Establish Yourself As A Mega Artist

7 Steps To Establish Yourself As A Mega Artist
By Paula Soito

1Hard work and talent are the staples of your success as a creative. And I know you’ve got those down pat. But getting your work in front of an audience is a whole different matter and one that most artists aren’t excited about tackling.

However, there are simple steps you can take to elevate your position that don’t make you feel like a door-to-door salesman. By using these 7 tactics, you’ll move yourself into the category of artist MegaStar and it’s not only possible these days to do it, but probable.
It will take some guidance and know-how, but if you’re diligent, I guarantee you’ll see a rise in your popularity, and hopefully much more than that.

So let’s jump right in. Oh, and be sure to follow up with me later this summer for some in-depth posts and videos on the specifics of these strategies. For now, let’s go over the basics.

2No great battle was ever won without an organized command center. Your goal is no different. To position yourself strategically in your career, you’ll need a space (both online and on land) where all of your essential tools and information are housed and neatly organized. This is the podium from which your creative symphony will
be conducted.

Start offline with your workspace. Separate it into two distinct areas. One for your works of art and the tools or equipment you use. The other for conducting business supplied with all you need to manage your bookkeeping and communications. Clear out everything you don’t need and organize both areas.

Next, track how you move through your creative workspace. Use a video camera or your phone to record your creative process from beginning to end. Even if it’s a quick, mock representation of the actual process, you’ll be able to easily see if there are changes you need to make to improve your workflow.

Sometimes we get so busy, we don’t think about how to simplify tasks. By being proactive, you’ll save time and effort.

3Humans tend to be followers. I know, that’s not exactly a compliment, but there’s something you can do to capitalize on this common behavior in people.

Simply share videos, pictures, and text of fans singing your praises. Post them online and include them in print wherever people view your work.

I realize for some it’s embarrassing, but it’s exactly what your future tribe needs to make them fall in love with you. After all, you’re the best thing that’s ever going to happen to them artistically speaking. They just don’t know it yet.
To gather this media, get a few of your mega-fans or influential followers to do a short video clip of how amazing you are. Offer them a reward or perk for sending in pictures or videos of themselves with your artwork or at your performance or event. Then post them on your website, social media and print materials.

After all, the job of a cheerleader is to entertain the crowd, get them involved, hype them up and set the mood. If newbies are just beginning to like your work, then cheerleaders are what you need to ignite their love and passion for it.

Megastars are good at going against the grain. Follow their lead. Laugh in the face of fear and conventional wisdom. Make a path where there is none and use your talent to establish a new method, sound, genre or viewpoint.

To do this, take extensive notes on the influences on your genre. Then, step outside the box for a moment (or forever, if you ask me) and think about your loves, passions, and desires. With an open mind, look earnestly for a way to marry the two. Once you discover what it is, fuse into your work, take a deep breath and lay out a basic plan on how you’ll combine them into a new creation. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering, but if it is, good for you!
The idea is for your art to become the exclamation point to everyone’s sentences. Become the expert in your new niche or sub genre. Use your sense of creative know-how and intuition to ensure that the final outcome is something desirable and palatable. Then hone your skill and make your mark!

Glam it up and build the hype you need to grow a following that’s worthy of stardom. Boldly show off your persona and brand everywhere. Average just won’t raise your status so dares to paint a new picture of yourself!


4School is commonly used as a noun, but for this step, we’re going to use it as a verb. Take the initiative to school yourself. The traditional education model is important, of course, but to achieve better for yourself, you’ll need to continue far past that into deeper more purposeful learning. Become your own professor in a class of one. Whether you’ve graduated from a prestigious university or your local high school, it’s your responsibility to go beyond that and take control of your growth.

And here’s what you need to study… art and entrepreneurship. Both pertain to you. Learn what others before you have done to succeed in both areas. Seek out books, mentors, blog posts, slide shares, tutorials and videos on masters, artistic methods, business strategies and successful entrepreneurs.

Keep applying what you learn to your life. You’re an amazing human being. Use self-education as the map to show you where you can forge your own path!
To move towards art stardom start by writing a pitch that’s ultra clear and succinct so everyone knows exactly what you do and why. Create a press kit that you can share with print and online publications. Collaborate with other artists to reach a wider audience. Have after-parties often to connect with people in a more intimate way. Revisit your bio and craft a compelling story that will draw people in and help them relate to you.

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