Fanny Horowitz

Fanny Horowitz
Modern Women’s Lives

Fanny_AdiLammPhotography-(359)_1 Fanny Horowitz is best known as a figurative painter
Fanny paints female objects and scenes taken from the modern women’s lives.
She explores strong and highly self-conscious women, and expropriates them from their natural context, gives them her emotional interpretation and, leaves on them, her personal and unique stamp.
Fanny draws inspiration from the intense colors of Matisse’s Fauvism and from the Impressionist movement.
Like the Impressionists, she takes a special interest in light.
In the way it bounces back from different objects.
In the interaction between objects and the light that envelops them.
In the special colors that are formed by these reflections of light.
Being a colorist artist, she produces incredibly vibrant, color-drenched paintings.
She uses paintbrushes laden with thick oil colors, mixes endless shades and sub-shades,
Creates transparencies and reflections, interplays between light and shadow, and endless layers of color, aimed at generating a sense of mystery that gradually unfolds before the observer’s eyes and imagination, prompting them to undergo a unique, subjective experience.
Those moments of grace that she creates – are an escape from a noisy outside world to a tranquil one, diving into the depths until losing a sense of external time and place, entering and observing inner emotional worlds and landscapes – searching for a lock that opens a door to spiritual sustenance.
Started to paint in 2007.

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