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Miguel Bermudez” I have attended most major art and antiques shows in the United States and Europe including The New York Winter Show at the Armory, The Chelsea Show in London, Le Biennale de Paris, The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) in Maastricht and antiques shows in Zurich, Vienna, Munich, Prague, Milan, Geneva and Basel.

I frequently participate in auctions in London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Copenhagen, New York, San Francisco, Paris, Munich, Berlin and Milan and have published academic articles and contributed research to The Orders & Medals Research Society of Great Britain, The Vatican Secret Archives, The Chancellery of the Order of the Thistle in Scotland, Sotheby’s Orders and Medals, The Chancellery of the Orders of Knighthood of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and many others.

My experience providing research, acquisition and sales of important Italian and Spanish eighteen century antiques to galleries in the United States has given me the opportunity to develop direct contact experience with collectors, interior designers, architects, fine art galleries and museums. I bring my international business experience to the Fine Art world.”


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 MEB3 Absorbing Art-By Miguel Bermudez

  • Jan Lievens (Leiden 1607 – 1674 Amsterdam) Boy in a Cape and Turban (Portrait of Prince Rupert of the Palatinate), ca. 1631 Oil on panel, 66.7 x 51.8 cm


    FREEDOM AND LIBERATION THROUGH ART Beauty is truth By Miguel Bermudez The Leiden Collection of Dutch Golden Age Paintings A fateful visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in

  • Pottery figure of a foreign groom with a pointed hat, Height 65 cm, China, Tang dynasty, 7th-8th century Ben Janssens Oriental Art Ltd © Chinese and Japanese works of art

    Chinese Art Market Correction

    Chinese Art Market Correction by Miguel Bermudez China is approaching a very important stage in its economic and geopolitical development. A number of disputes with its neighbors, including Japan,

  • TEFAF 2017 - 102 Vanderven Boeddha © Harry Heuts

    Global Art Market Trends

    Global Art Market Trends By Miguel Bermudez The much-anticipated Art Market Report delivered by The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) has been greatly improved. Through distilling a myriad of

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