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at-workHello Orna, Thank you for the Interview, I was so impressed from your beautiful aesthetic art, Can you please tell our readers about yourself and your background?
I emerged into the world with an abundance of curiosity and unexplainable passion to constantly create, build and destroy. This unexplainable constant urge, can be physically/ mentally and sometimes having a mental picture of a creative idea can be just as satisfying. This is a way of life for me, it is essential for my existence and well being. Throughout the years I was always engaged in creating in one manner or another, whether be it art or design. I remember as a small child in preschool being occupied endlessly with drawing and creating objects out of rubbish, some of those drawings were framed and hung up to decorate the walls many years after my departure.
At times when my life did not allow much time for artistic creativity, I found diverse outlets for my creative impulse, even raising my four daughters involved a creative process with all the intensity that was never ending. Throughout the years my life took many paths such as, Architecture, different forms of design, drawing and painting through, writing, sculpting, and exploring many different mediums and materials. Being an autodidact led me and leads me to constantly search out of this instance necessity to be in a creative mode.


The nature of my being is such that without fine aesthetic and beauty life becomes a bit tasteless and chaotic disturbing my inner balance. After many, many years of wandering on endless roads, I have reached the understanding that it is my duty in this lifetime to be planting these minute seeds of beauty and aesthetics that will hopefully have the potential to grow and touch people. This seems to be my quest and destiny in life.


It seems that you know what your purpose in life……?
I wasn’t born with the knowledge, it’s something that I discovered in my early years. It has been a very long process of over fifty years of searching, stumbling and reaching dead ends. This current adventure that I’m engaged in these days started a couple of years ago. I began to rediscover nature; put it this way. The abundance and perfection of nature is overwhelming to me, I feel so thankful for the endless variety of raw substance and material that nature so graciously provides and shares with us. I realized that everything already exists in our surrounding and that nature creates it in fullest and most exquisite perfection, all that I have to do is be awaken to my surroundings. This connection and inner realization are the essence of my work. I cannot find the right words to describe it, it’s something that one feels and knows, something that cannot be explained or described in words, it cannot be talked about, it is just “that”. This clear sensation flows through me while I’m engaged in the process of creation, feeling accurate and full of existence.

What are your aspirations?
At this point in my life I am more an observer, I try not to engage myself in asking too many questions, I simply feel connected to this inner flow and allow it to guide me and sweep me into an unknown and undefined streams. Sometimes I find myself leaving the main path and diving into very small and unfamiliar paths only to discover the element that lay beyond the familiarity. I know that my work is not part of the mainstream of the art world. I don’t have big ambitions or desires to become a famous artist or belong to a certain international trend. My joy evokes from the process, the doing and being. I feel rewarded every morning to be waking up with a smile on my face and the excitement of a child awaiting with enthusiasm and astonishing, to see what surprises await for me in the studio today?…..What more can one ask for!? To me this is a real happiness in my eyes, it brings so much joy and peace into my life. The fact that I don’t have to prove anything to anyone, I go about my work with accordance to myself and not with accordance to outer needs or expectations. I do my best to stay loyal to my inner truth, hopping that my personal expression will vibrate strongly enough to touch and bring a refreshing and soothing vibration to people where ever they may be. my work organic sculptures would be precise.

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