Pietro Manzo

Pietro Manzo

cantiere-detail-750x517Pietro Manzo’s work focuses on the relationship between a place and the artist’s opportunity to reshape a path through the traces of past events, developing a balance between objective perception and the ideas that we may infer from a given space. His creative process is developed first through the accumulation of information gathered from on-site inspection, after which the residual memories of a place become the material in which he may intervene. By generating a mental repetition of the events, Manzo establishes a psychic movement between inside and outside where painting and drawing are used as a form of writing, recalling and reshaping an experience. The result is a sort of continuous archive, a sum of suggestions, which are echoes of a personal experience.

Born in Sala Consilina (Salerno), 1981, Italy
Lives and works in Firenze, Italy


Pietro Manzo’s works tries to reflect the sourroundings and visual impressions of our ever changing circumstances. These strong changes seem to be a caracteristic of our time and of course everything around us is in constant movement! We ourselves are effected by the creations we impose on our environment. The interaction between a space and what is happening inside that space is what interest for Manzo.

Are instability and incompletion a reflection of our time?

Using images of our environment and our times he has tried to answer this question, by painting the mutation of urban spaces and often the total desolation of abandonaded buildings and building sites, he has tried to capture an answer.
The dominating perspectives and the linear stratification become the means to illustrate these forces of transformation, this painted impression could de seen as a metaphor for a world in constant construction.
ITA/(…)il lavoro è una riflessione sul circostante, sul continuo mutare che caratterizza il nostro tempo. Tutto intorno a noi è in costruzione. Noi stessi siamo in continua trasformazione, il nostro corpo assume forme ed estetiche diverse. L’identità stessa, in quanto individuazione perde ogni punto di riferimento. L’instabilità e il non finito riflettono la nostra epoca? Il mio lavoro attraverso l’esperienza quotidiana ritrae il divenire degli spazi urbani. Prende in prestito l’efficacia della prospettiva e la stratificazione esecutiva per affermare la forza della trasformazione. Metafora che include tutti gli aspetti di un tempo in costruzione.

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