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If you create beautiful art, you surely want the world to see it. These days it is easier than ever with various online tools that make it super simple to share your passion with the world, get feedback and spread the love. It’s time to put your drawings, photographs and sculptures in the spotlight.
When you post your portfolio online and share your art on social networks, you earn exposure to a large audience from around the world, so be sure to embrace technology and not go against it. Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are only a few of the visual platforms out there that will get your art out there.
Slidely ( is an example for a platform that empowers people to easily share their videos, photos and music as mind-blowing experiences in beautiful and creative ways.
While people around the world use Slidely to share their moments and the things they love, artists use Slidely to instantly create slideshow videos and galleries that showcase their art. Get your photos from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa or upload from your computer, add the perfect soundtrack that your art deserves and you’re good to go. Share your art directly to any social network or easily embed on your personal blog or website. Every photo is a link to the source it was taken from, so if you have an online portfolio or an online shop where you sell your art, clicking a photo will take the viewers exactly to where you want them to go.
Check out this stunning gallery by Galerie Francesca, which represents artists with unique individual worldviews. When showcasing the art of Roel Obemi, known for his voluminous figurations of storybook characters, the gallery created this Slidely Gallery to promote the event and shared it with their followers on social networks.

Enjoy the full expirience online:

Your slideshows and galleries can serve as invites to your offline exhibition, promote the website where you sell you art or simply display your portfolio in a captivating way and attract the attention of the crowd. Now people can enjoy your art on the web and on their mobile devices, no matter where they are.




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