Recommended App- Art Set

Art Set


Drawing is not only a fun, enlightening practice, it can also be very relaxing too. Nothing can replace drawing on a piece of paper. But not everyone has the time to draw like a professional. Apps such as Art Set provide users with all the tools they need to draw on their iPad. It has pens, paints, and other features to make your drawing experience more realistic.



Art Set does respond to the pressure you put on your screen. The interface is quite intuitive. Art Set remembers the tools and colors you have used recently to save you time. Don’t like the changes you have made to your photos? Just undo them.

screen480x480 (4)Art Set for iPad provides you with a sophisticated toolbox for drawing. You get pens, pencils, and paints to get started. It has metallic and fluorescent colors to shine up your work with. You can import your own photos and fully interact with them. You get multiple color textures and papers, which is nice.

screen480x480 (1)

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