The Story Of Yael Yael

The Story Of  Yael Yael

- אני -

My name is Yael, when I was 28 years old, born in Romania during the rule of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. At the same time, many citizens of a nation suffering under dictatorship and poverty reigned. There were rules and prohibitions that struck the Romanian people, one of which was a ban on many abortions. Ceausescu wanted to produce a large number of orphans in order to sell them in other countries. The orphanages were called “Children of Ceausescu”. I was two years old when he was sent to an orphanage in Bucharest. Many families from different countries, the son of Israel, wanted to adopt children and were supposed to receive them at the age of 6 months. But it did not happen, and for some unknown reason, Ceausescu decided he was not ready to give even one orphan. Ceausescu then scattered all over the orphanage to all kinds of orphanages in Bucharest and Romania difference. Relationships with the families who were supposed to get their lost children. I went through a number of orphanages and after the fall of the dictator (Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife were shot by a firing squad on December 89). The government has decided to re-open the gates and allow families looking to adopt the latest restructuring of the children got older. When I was 4, was adopted in 1990 by the same Israeli family was supposed to get me when I was six months old. Over the years, I moved between different institutions. I considered relatively young mentally handicapped. My long hair started falling and actually disappeared remains to be the case until now. It’s not that simple, as a teenager and a young woman engaged in injury, damage and mood swings brought me by other people that. It was a place that I started to draw and found a place gradually. After many years, I learned to accept and embrace who I am, even when it’s inconvenient. While there are times that it is not suitable, I can say out loud: “Yes, I was mentally ill!” To be honest, it’s a harsh reality. I draw completely self-taught. I never studied art in a traditional setting. This creates the fabric in the colors of iron, industrial paint, lacquer, acrylic, and more. I participated in several exhibitions Benham: 2013 – Castra Art Center in Haifa. 2014 – Station hangar complex in Tel Aviv. 2014 – “Mirage” Rubinstein, Tel Aviv. 2015 – Solo “strong” W Towers, Tel Aviv. 2015 – Exhibition “strong” Solo, Ramat Gan. Curated by Lori faith. 2015 – “Black & White”, Kfar Shmaryahu. Curator beautiful light. 2015 – Participation in sales from the art event “Serenity”. Curator: Fragrant Niron. 2015 – “URBANICA”, Tel Aviv. 2016 – The next show in London. Click ml (London Royal Opera Arcadia) .Curator container ash. Abstract art Yael Yael art my first pictures of abstract portraits totally automated, all reflections of my personal feelings and thoughts, my worldview and imagination, any combination of shapes and colors together come to life on the canvas. My portraits, black and white rules (published in my face), they are relatively small-sized works, Moto is essential to the very idea of what they say and sometime even cry; Rare deep aspects of a complex existence. Unexplained offset the black-and-white photos of my other jobs flare up in an endless variety of shapes and colors, Slhomrim and my personal technique to bring more and new dimensions. Vast, rich and generous in terms of colors and change the size (between 1 -1.5 sqm), are the antithesis of my early childhood. This is the freedom I found, creative freedom, freedom to create something new, every time from scratch, without limits or restrictions. Freedom to create Again and again, wonderful chaos a new, surprising and carefully designed by myself.  –Yael Yael  art profile business page on Facebook Yael Wecsler


Yael Yael. Original Art. Mixed Media on canvas. Signed. (1300$)130x150 (1400$)100x120 (1600$)160x140 (2500$)150x100

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