TimHaleTim Hale is an international artist and writer who lives and works in the south of France. He graduated from Saint Martin’s School of Art & Design and has exhibited in London, Bordeaux, Saint-Émilion and Nice, where he won the Academy Prize for Painting and Sculpture. Hale has paintings and drawings in private collections in the USA, Canada, the UK and France.


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SAM_0466“With a museum opening every other week and auction prices ascending into the stratosphere, the hunt for the next Jeff Koons is always on. Tim Hale, with his creative mind, is definitely a top contender in leading the cultural vanguard and the future of American art. Kings Wood Art in the USA has specialized in a never-ending process of identifying and elevating many unknown artists to acclaim and giving them
a forum for commercial success. When I saw Tim’s paintings, his various techniques in a variety of styles, of course my eyes were delighted but his works also engaged my mind. Tim has everything I look for in an artist – quality, integrity and taste within his chosen field of painting.”

– Monique Squeo-Bolsius Kings Wood Art



 TIM HALE- Artistic point of View

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