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4 AUGUST 2016

An Interview With Eli Petel

Underdogs And The Guardians Of The Door – An Interview With Eli Petel by Dr. Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar Eli Petel is the head of the Fine Arts department at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. He is an acclaimed artist, who extensively exhibited, published and sold both in Israel and internationally. We met later in […]

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3 AUGUST 2016

Establish Yourself As A Mega Artist

7 Steps To Establish Yourself As A Mega Artist By Paula Soito Hard work and talent are the staples of your success as a creative. And I know you’ve got those down pat. But getting your work in front of an audience is a whole different matter and one that most artists aren’t excited about […]

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2 AUGUST 2016

Yasuaki Onishi

Yasuaki Onishi Yasuaki Onishi: reverse of volume (RG) from Walley Films on Vimeo. “Creation is work that makes current borderlines clear, and renews contours.” Yasuaki Onishi creates works of sculpture that visualize spaces normally accepted as hollow or blank, with the straightforward themes of volume, verticality and distance. Using materials that do not retain shapes […]

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1 AUGUST 2016


TREES OF LIFE BY KATHY SOSA Kathy Sosa reinvented herself when she stepped off the fast track of the advertising world and moved, with her husband Lionel Sosa, to a small town south of San Antonio, Texas. The couple re-created a classic Texas farmhouse and turned an existing workshop on the property into a painting […]

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