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Jan Lievens (Leiden 1607 – 1674 Amsterdam) Boy in a Cape and Turban (Portrait of Prince Rupert of the Palatinate), ca. 1631 Oil on panel, 66.7 x 51.8 cm
22 JANUARY 2018


FREEDOM AND LIBERATION THROUGH ART Beauty is truth By Miguel Bermudez The Leiden Collection of Dutch Golden Age Paintings A fateful visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and an encounter with a preeminent art curator and historian while on vacation, became the seeds that grew to become one of the most […]

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Pottery figure of a foreign groom with a pointed hat, Height 65 cm, China, Tang dynasty, 7th-8th century Ben Janssens Oriental Art Ltd © Chinese and Japanese works of art
17 AUGUST 2017

Chinese Art Market Correction

Chinese Art Market Correction by Miguel Bermudez China is approaching a very important stage in its economic and geopolitical development. A number of disputes with its neighbors, including Japan, the Philippines, Korea, Indonesia and others in Southeast Asia could lead to a confrontation that would impact China’s exports, the economy, and its own political stability. […]

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17 MAY 2017


MARC SIJAN World Leader for Realism in SCULPTURE  by  Jack Pearson. This is the story of a Milwaukee man, an extremely talented sculptor whose works are found all over the world and who in fact is rated Number One in his genre, yet is better known in cities of Europe, Asia and The Middle East […]

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TEFAF 2017 - 102 Vanderven Boeddha © Harry Heuts
29 APRIL 2017

Global Art Market Trends

Global Art Market Trends By Miguel Bermudez The much-anticipated Art Market Report delivered by The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) has been greatly improved. Through distilling a myriad of numbers, one can uncover some specific trends of interest for art dealers and for the future of art collecting. Prof. Dr. Rachel A.J. Pownall, TEFAF Chair- […]

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4 APRIL 2017


THE MYSTERIOUS CODES OF BLUE by Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar, PhD Bare walls with peeling paint. Broken wooden floor, a small stool. A very fine blue net wraps a huge pile of cotton wool into a tight package; there it rests on the stool. It looks like a surprise, a gift, a brain, a promise. A tiny […]

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3 APRIL 2017

Special Interview With JEFF KOONS

Special Interview With JEFF KOONS The desire to participate Jeff Koons dialoguing with Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar about art, life and generosity. Jeff Koons, one of the most successful artists in the world, a ‘Rock Star’ of the contemporary art. He is a former Wall Street commodities trader who left the financial world to pursue his […]

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16 NOVEMBER 2016

The Online Art Market – An Analysis

The Online Art Market – An Analysis An article based on TEFAF Art Market Report 2016 by Miguel Bermudez As technology has advanced and e-commerce has become an everyday part of nearly all retail industries, interest in buying art online has escalated, and dealers, auction houses and other agents have met this demand through different […]

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3 OCTOBER 2016

Art-work OR Craft-work? A marriage made in heaven

Art-work OR Craft-work? A marriage made in heaven by Denis Taylor Readers of this magazine may well know the work of some of the renown Scandinavian glass makers. Kosta Boda and Orrefors are just two of them. The designers for these international companies may be less well known, Kaj Frank, Oiva Toikka, Hydman-Vallen, Mats Jonasson […]

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3 AUGUST 2016

Establish Yourself As A Mega Artist

7 Steps To Establish Yourself As A Mega Artist By Paula Soito Hard work and talent are the staples of your success as a creative. And I know you’ve got those down pat. But getting your work in front of an audience is a whole different matter and one that most artists aren’t excited about […]

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