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prof-frontpageBackground information in brief
Visual artist – born: Manchester, England, 23 September 1951.
Enrolled at the Manchester High School of Art, 1962.
Early career in the creative advertising and interior design industries.
First solo (painting) exhibition in the UK, 1989.
Various solo and group exhibitions in Europe.
1990-1993 Greece, 1989-2007 UK, 1995-2014 Sweden.
Lead artist and curator for Waxholm Organization for Reformerandet AV Konst (w.o.r.k)
Major exhibitions in Sweden 1996 to 2004: including: Heart 2 Art (2002) for the Swedish
Government Estonia Fund & The International Disaster Support Group (DIS. Reference to:
Benefit exhibition & “after 5 years later project” 1998 to 2002).
Previous studies: England.1987-2008. Greece 1990-1995. Stockholm.1998- 2000.
Current Studio. Artist in Residence. Studio 5 Ekerod, Skane, (Southern Sweden).
Main study area: Modern Art from 1900 onwards. Principle areas of interests: Art & Education, Art & Healing, Modern Visual Art.

“ It is not uncommon for a visual artist to also write about Art.
George Braque once said: “writing is not describing…”
Which is a great way of framing essays or articles about visual art written by an artist…”

“…Essentially, I am a painter, yet my writing is not concerned with complex analysis of painting theory nor discussing intellectual art arguments. I am not an art critic, nor a purpose trained news journalist. I have always written in the way I paint, instinctively, albeit with subject lines that are considered, researched and always linked to real life experience.”

“My painting method is charged with a belief in the power of dynamic emotional input, which I employ to assist with the transfer of visual intelligence and communication. It’s natural for me to write about art employing the same methodology.
And with content that is easy to understand, using basic words for my thoughts that although straight forward, do present an alternative viewpoint from a more intellectual or academic art world norm…”

“…My nature is to pepper my writing with a sprinkling of humor, therefore I do hope my contributions are enjoyable for the reader of them. If my written efforts encourage comments and discussion, then that’s all for the good and perhaps may even assist to broaden and enrich our shared, diverse and individual love of art and culture.”

– Denis Taylor

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