Louis Treserras

Louis  Treserras

bcb8bb9f19a822aa1367452e3c1364adFrench painter, sculptor and photographer Louis Treserras claims to be a self taught painter. For 30 years he has been painting young and mysterious nude female models. His rigorous approach to artistic composition would almost compare to a science, like mathematics. His style remains however poetic an intimist, with a very distinct and soft range of colors.
A contemporary artist with a highly classical technique, characteristic of the uncompromissing self-taught artist. The looks, gestures and attitudes are all words we hear are deaf yet. Louis Treserras is a painter of his time, he explores his own emotions through his paintings. For nearly 30 years he painted nudes. Defining itself as a self-taught he has put his technical and almost mathematical approach to the body art of a deeply intimate and poetic. For him the artistic adventure began in childhood. In his paintings painted Treserras girls slender, a dreamer or faint.

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