ODED FEINGERSH The Intimacy Of The Studio


These works present what might be considered one-dimensional and unheroic,
a studio worktable, an apple and a jug. Serving as models, these objects are actually a discerning look at reality in full color, recognizing that life is not just what we see but is determined also by how we look at it. This adult perception of his narrow small personal space offers a kind of understanding that the big things, the marvelous adventures, are merely a part of it and that truth and tranquility in fact lie concealed in the small and seemingly marginal things.

The objects are painted larger than in real life, thus becoming monumental.
The paintbrush and tube of paint become bodies with a full presence.
The paints are arranged in neat rows as are the paintbrushes, and the utensils always look as if they are ready to engage in the work of art. However, alongside this orderliness, there is always also a sense of something unresolved and unfinished in the studio. The paint blots on the floor and walls,

It is also interesting to see that while painting these trivialities, imagination never ceases to work. The light and the color are not those found in the studio.
Oded Feingersh’s paintings are not like other paintings imitating nature. They are not accurate copies of reality. They are different realities informed by another reality; one color symbolizing another.

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